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Are you in transition, chasing a vision just beyond reach?

Andrew Susskind

Do you lack the momentum to achieve your life’s goals? In his lively, informative talk, Life Transition Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist Andrew Susskind unlocks the secrets of dealing with transition.

You'll learn how to bring your vision and values into clearer focus as you uncover your authentic self — a powerful force that propels you forward. Whether you’re in personal or professional transition, he'll give you tools and exercises to transform fear, uncertainty and self-doubt into hope, energy and determination.

His topics include:

From Now On: The 7 Keys to Purposeful Recovery
You’re clean and sober . . . Now what? Are you asking yourself, “Where do I go from here?” The momentum of recovery can be dampened by the uncertainty of the future. Find a new focus for the rest of your life as you develop a purposeful plan. Clarify your highest priorities by defining specific action steps to enhance your recovery. Discover and fine tune what’s most important to you as you build upon the courage to change the things you can. After all the work you’ve done, you owe it to yourself.

THE JOY OF SEXual recovery
In early sexual recovery clients let go of danger and risk while moving toward stability and safety. But what happens after the self-destructive behaviors have been set aside? Here lies the greatest opportunity to engage in sexual recovery with vitality and aliveness based on greater connection, intimacy and joy. Deepak Chopra proposes that “the absence of joy is the cause and the effect of addictions.” Therefore, joy can be one of the most powerful tools to ensure sustainable and purposeful sexual sobriety. This workshop explores the limitless possibilities of long-term sexual recovery by introducing practical, useful strategies through the lenses of Recovery Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, and the wisdom of the twelve steps.

Life Balance: Following the Rhythm Within
Are you flying on automatic pilot — denying the essence of who you are? You have all the answers — but can you slow down enough to hear them? You’ll learn to make conscious choices that restore balance to your life and put you in synch with your true self and sense of purpose.

Mission Possible: Developing Purposeful Goals
for Life and Business

Prioritize your passions and discover your top priority, whether it’s professional success, family devotion or a spiritual search for meaning; harness the passions that compete for your attention and create a “mission statement” that keeps you focused on your true purpose and goals.





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