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Working with Andrew will give you personalized, caring, and competent coaching to help you reach your goals. I recommend him without reservation.
    -Sandra Foster, Ph.D., P.C.C., Peak Performance Coach

The coaching was enlightening and clarifying. It allowed me to look at the possibilities for my future…I am grateful.
    -Pat Moomey, Chemical Dependency Counselor /
     Interventionist / Recovery Coach

Andrew is clearly one of the most gifted, honest, and compassionate coaches I’ve encountered. During the several months we worked together I was able to pay off thousands of dollars of debt, make a career change, move, and expand my social circle.
    -Mona Singleton, Information Technology Specialist

Andrew is organized and focused. He knows how to help others access parts of themselves that they need to move forward.
    -Marcia Ullett, Psychotherapist / Coach

Andrew unlocks your true passion and is truly inspirational. If you’re serious about your life, you need Andrew.
    -Jeffrey Albert

Andrew has a gentle way to draw your best assets and intentions to the surface so you can start creating the life you desire.
    -Linda Bertaut, President, Bertaut Beauty

This experience truly opened a long-closed and ignored door into finding “my rhythm.” As a helping professional and as a “giver” by nature, it´s very rewarding to have an opportunity (and permission) to take care of myself which in turn will create greater balance in my life and in the lives of those I touch every day.
    -Susan Galeas

Enlightening experience…focusing broad-stroke vision into tangible, practical steps and actions.
    -Joe Schrank, Chemical Dependency Specialist

It helped to clarify my vision. It brought me back to myself and gave me tools that I can use to move forward.
    -Rosario Bernal, Director, Melaleuca

Reminding me that the power is within. Reminding me to keep a balance. Knowing that I can make that change.
    -Elena Flores, massage therapist

I feel less overwhelmed and can now see beyond the immediate problems, deadlines, and stress. I now have a clear picture of what I’m really striving for.
    -T.A., psychotherapist





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