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The following articles were written for your further understanding of coaching and related topics. Simply click on a title to choose an article of interest. If you would like to share or duplicate information, please credit the author.

Brainspotting and Grief
Jen Davis (January 2018)

If You Build It, They Will Come:
The Transformational Space of Men's Groups

Andrew Susskind (April 2015)

Some Thoughts on Menopause
Maria Gray, LMFT, NMP (April 2015)

Mindful Driving
Maria Gray, M.A. M.Ed. (January 2015)

2015: The Year of Connection
Jenny Williams, MSW (January 2015)

Escape Velocity
Andrew Susskind (October 2014)

Self Care is Not Selfish
Maria Gray, M.A. M.Ed. (October 2014)

Meditation—It’s Not What You Think It Is
Maria Gray, M.A. M.Ed. (April 2014)

Anxiety Relief
Andrew Susskind (February 2014)

Are You Addicted to "Busy?"
Maria Gray, M.A. M.Ed. (January 2014)

Book Review: The Happiness Advantage
Maria Gray, M.A. M.Ed. (July 2013)

Making Time for the Psyche
Maria Gray, M.A. M.Ed. (April 2013)

Book Review: Nurture Shock
Annabel Raymond, M.A. (January 2012)

The Joy of Sexual Recovery
Andrew Susskind (July 2010)

Healthy Love vs. Not-So-Healthy Love
Andrew Susskind (February 2010)

USA RiseUp Interview
Quoted in We Can't Get There From Here

Lillian A. Jackson (November 2009)

Differences between Recovery Coaching,
Therapy and Sponsorship

Andrew Susskind (November 2009)

California Society for Clinical Social Work Clinical Update
The Tools of Coaching: Seeing our Clients Through a Fresh Lens

Andrew Susskind (August 2009)

The Gratitude of Tragedy
Andrew Susskind (January 2009)

Men's Journal Interview
Quoted in Change Your Life: Tap into Your Creative Side

Chris Taylor (January 2009)

Group Therapy vs. 12-Step Meetings
Andrew Susskind (August 2008)

Steps for Recovery
Purposeful Recovery:
What's Coaching Got To Do With It?

Andrew Susskind (June 2008)

Wall Street Journal Interview:
Getting the Most Out Of A Career Coach

Andrew Susskind (May 2008)

Coaching for People in Recovery
Jana Heckerman (March 2008)

Is Coaching Really Just Therapy?
Andrew Susskind (September 2006)

Recovery Coaching: Living Life to its Fullest
Andrew Susskind (December 2006)

Andrew Susskind (August 2006)

When is the Right Time to Go into Therapy?
John Chebultz, M.A. (July 2006)




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